Challenges Seniors Face

As we get older, we look forward to our senior retirement years as the time we will get to rest and relax. There can be many challenges that will come up that we may not anticipate. Following will be some of these issues that seniors face as they get older during their daily lives.

One of the biggest challenges a senior will face is their health issues. We think we will be healthy, but life has a way of putting health obstacles in our way. Health care costs keep rising yearly, but a senior’s monthly budget may not increase as much as these costs. It is most vital for one to get yearly checkups to determine that they are healthy, but more importantly, that no health problems may be starting to develop. These tests a doctor may order, may greatly decrease our finances and can be a big drain on our savings.

Another problem can be our independence and financial security. With the cost of living increasing daily, many seniors have monthly financial limits and they cannot afford to have any more expenses. With Medigap Plans deductibles and coinsurance can be covered up to 100%.They no longer have a work place to go to, to acquire weekly funds, that would help with these expenses. Seniors may not have the savings or financial security that other seniors have, as they had to pay their bills paycheck to paycheck. Their limited budget, now that they are older, may cause a great deal of stress in just paying for their everyday expenses, let alone, paying for excess health costs.

As we advance in age, we can face many health issues we never thought about when we were younger. Many of these problems can run from arthritis, dementia, cataracts and so many others. Having to pay for these tests and health problems can eat up your finances considerably.

Loneliness is definitely a problem for seniors as they age. Many of their friends and relatives may have passed on and they may live alone. If they do not have mobility to get up and go out, they may develop depression, anxiety, sadness and a decrease in their everyday lives. If one is able to get around well, there are senior services that may help them to get out of their houses and join others at the senior center, where there will be many activities for them and friendships they can develop.

While we are younger, it is wise to look forward to retirement and plan accordingly for our future years.